Safety Information from Jump Trampolines


We want you and your family to have the best fun ever on your Jump trampoline but before you get bouncing please read these safety tips, so that you can have lots of fun and be safe

  • The Jump trampoline should be put together on grass or placed on BSI approved safety mattingAlways check the Jump trampoline before anyone uses it. Paying lots of attention to all the bolts, jump mat and pads protection.  
  • Do not allow use of the Jump trampoline if any parts are missing or if they show wear and tear
  • Do not allow use of the Jump Trampoline if the mat is damaged or torn in any way 
  • Only one person at a time is allowed on the Jump trampoline 
  • The Jump trampolines have springs and allows the user to jump to a bigger height than when on the ground, get the user to try jumping up and down on the ground before getting on to the Jump trampoline
  • The safety net must be in place at all times, it is there to stop injury and to stop the user falling off the trampoline
  • Shoes must not be worn whilst bouncing on the Jump trampoline 
  • Do not eat or drink when bouncing
  • Make sure the user wears suitable clothing when trampolining
  • Make sure there is no one or nothing beneath the trampoline before you start bouncing
  • No Somersaults of flips should be attempted whilst trampolining as this may cause injury 
  • make sure there is plenty of room around and above the trampoline before use
  • Do not use the trampoline in wet or windy weather, make sure the trampoline is dry before use
  • Only jump in the centre of the trampoline, stay away from the edges
  • Stop the user jumping if they dont feel very well or if they feel any pain in their amrs or legs.  If the user feels dizzy its because they are tired and should stop bouncing and lie down on the ground straight away
  • Always make sure that wehn anone is using the Jump trampoline there is another person watching at all times ; Download the RoSPA Guide to using your trampoline safely here.